NEW: Announcing The LottoPredict Monthly Plan You Asked For

You wanted a monthly LottoPredict subscription to make it easy on your budget, so here it is.

Not sure what LottoPredict does?

It tells you when to play your Silver Lotto System numbers for over 117 different games round the world.

- If LottoPredict says YES, you play with confidence.

- If LottoPredict says NO, you don't play that game and save wasted money. - You can always choose to play or not with the 25%, 50% and 75% recommendations too.

And what about using it with your PRO Custom Profiles?

With PRO you don't play the green and red squares. Instead you select one of your 4 PRO Custom Profiles (Get PRO Custom Profiles here:

That means you can play every game without waiting for a YES. And you can play with a NO, 25%, 50% OR 75% options as well.

Where can you find the LottoPredict subscription order page?

Three convenient locations:

1. In your Silver Lotto Membership Site. Sign in and go to the LottoPredict tab to order.

2. Or you can see it in the member site's online Shop section.

3. Order at this special website if you don't want to sign into your Silver Lotto Membership Site: