The Worst Lottery Number Picking Advice I've Ever Read

You gotta love these maths guys.

Take an interview with a professor of mathematics at New York University and Fellow of the American Mathematical Society. 

He made some comments on Fox News about picking lottery numbers for the Mega Millions.

Well, it turns out I know more about lottery winning than he does.

I say that with all modesty. Because he is a probability expert. And I'm a reality expert.

What's the difference?


The professor says the best way to increase the expectation of winning is by choosing numbers that players think are unlucky.

He says: “Try to find out the numbers people aren't picking. Avoid generalizations, patterns, birthdays, and numbers shared with other people."

There's some truth in that, but if you picked numbers according to those instructions you'd be a wailing loser for many years.

All you're doing is avoiding sharing your valuable jackpot or prize with a bunch of players who all selected the same numbers.

It could happen, but not that often. It's not the main thing you need to watch out for.


The best answer is to pick right in the first place. And I have that solution. All you have to ask is...

Did the good Prof get a $22.2 million jackpot like one of our winners?

It pays to take advice from people like us with proof of winning. Real winner examples, not numbers theory.

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