What I Said To My Gardener This Morning That Made Him Smile

There's a lot to do! Luckily it's not my lawn.

This morning I welcomed my gardener back. And I'm a happy man.

Four months ago I thought I could do everything myself and so I asked him to take a long break.

Well, it turns out I didn't have the right tools. My electric-powered lawn weeder couldn't cope when the grass grew.

And the weeds knew that my gardener had left and grew much faster than I had ever seen.

I couldn't cope, but didn't want to spend a lot of money on pro grade tools.

After a while the constant catch-up got a bit much.


So I asked him to return, which he happily did, today. I can hear the welcome roar of his weedeater neatening up our lawn edges as I write this.

And he got the raise he asked for too :)

If you're determined to win the lottery, then you need a pro to help you. Like the lawn guy, you need all the tools you can use to make the job easier.

That's why I replied to this email this morning from Judy who complained: "Ken, you never said I had to buy more programs from you."

I replied back to her: No - you don't need to buy the LottoPredict or PRO Custom Profiles. But it's like doing your lawns with a pair of scissors.

Some weeks you'll have a lot of energy and finish it all quite quickly.

Other weeks it will rain and you'll be left far behind among the tall weeds.

You don't need the extra systems... the Silver Lotto System by itself is perfect.

But if you want to win faster and more often, then you've got to go Pro.

Judy saw the light and bought both of them.

So the first step after getting your Silver Lotto System is to subscribe to the LottoPredict membership.

Honestly, I wonder why I'm pricing such a massive advantage at just $11 a month.

But I am generous, and I'm hoping that sheer volume will make it economic for me to keep that low price.

The PRO Custom Profiles - well, they allow you to play every game.

These are cutting edge lottery tools and a first... you won't find these systems anywhere else.

It's like having your own gardener for lotto!


How To Start Winning:
Buy the Silver Lotto System - your first step.
2. Get LottoPredict to know when to play.
3. PRO Custom Profiles let you play every game.

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