My Airshow Visit Was Like Being On A Film Set

Some of the WW1 aircraft at the airshow at Hood Aerodrome, Masterton, New Zealand.

With a sputtery roar, the propeller turned into a blur. The mechanic who was hand starting it jumped back and went round to hold on to the wing.

In a scene that could be straight out of a movie from the 1920's the biplane moved forward, the wing man running alongside. In a matter of seconds it was in the air.

Except it wasn't a film. It was real.

And it happened last weekend, when I attended an airshow just an hour away from my home. It's where the largest collection on the planet of World War 1 aircraft are restored and built. There were probably 20 or more that weekend, all flying examples.


Hobbit film director Peter Jackson was responsible for setting up the collection, and I suspect he owns many of them too.

He has one of the world's most expensive jets, a Gulfstream, and yet still has an interest in vintage aircraft.

As I stared at the planes through the viewfinder of my camera, I was reminded of the fact that the lottery is exactly the same principle.

Fast jets and slow biplanes.

You start slow with the Silver Lotto System. Putt putt putt.

But it does the job.

Then you add a turbo with LottoPredict.

And finally - whoosh - you climb into your own jet with the PRO Custom Profiles.

OK, maybe my analogy is a bit simplistic.

But you get my drift.

You can go slow or fast - but you'll still get there in the end.

And the high point of the day? Watching the past come to life before my eyes.

Just like a film.


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