This Weird Tip Makes You A Smarter Lottery Player

My LottoPredict program gives you advance information on winning.

Each Monday I publish the LottoPredict predictions for the coming week. A lot of Silver Lotto System players are always pleasantly surprised when they access this chart (available as a subscription when you buy the Silver Lotto System).

Because this clever program sets out the chances they have of winning this week.

But if you want to be a smarter player, LottoPredict is just the first step.


It's how you play that is the long lost secret to lottery success. And it starts with the choice of your game.

You may think there's only one game in your town you can play. Maybe you've played it for years because you're attracted to the massive jackpots.

Now's the time to change your thinking.

Let me explain...

If your game has more than 6 balls and 70 numbers, your chances of winning are very much less. To improve these odds you should be looking a game with at smaller numbers.


I get such a high success rate because my game of choice is just 6 balls and 40 numbers... the best odds of most lottery games in the world.

How do you find what odds your game has?

The best way is with LottoPredict.

I have put a star system in LottoPredict which makes it easy to find the game in your country with the best odds.

Three stars is good, one star means you will need to use PRO Custom Profiles to make the most of this game.

If your game only has a 1-star rating, don't give up. Use the power of PRO to make your game more winnable.

It lets you play each time the game plays, and saves you a heap of ticket money.


Hi Ken, Yes, I have the winning ticket (I have won 1st division $22,236,652.87), my son bought it for me for Father’s day along with some scratchies and sent it in a card, I emailed him my numbers about a fortnight ago. He lives in WA and purchased the ticket there. Can hardly contain myself.

Cheers, Jason