Here’s 5 Ways To Increase Your Luck

Dr Richard Wiseman. Photo

A while back I bought a book written about getting good luck called "The Luck Factor.”

It's written by Dr Richard Wiseman, and he tells you how you can improve your luck by up to 50% and more.

So, how can you increase your luck to win more lottery games? Based on what Dr Wiseman writes, you should do this:

1) Play More Games. Richard Wiseman found that people who did more activity improved their luck dramatically. So make sure you play as many tickets as you can afford. But playing 10 tickets 3 games a week is not the best way... instead, play 50-100 tickets in 1 game a week and you'll get vastly better results. More is always better.

2) Reduce Your Losing Chances. The Silver Lotto System combined with LottoPredict gives you a higher win rate in most lotto games in the world. It doesn't matter whether you play in Britain, Europe, USA, Australia, Asia... it works anywhere for games that have 5 or 6 balls and numbers up to 59.

3) Kick Worry Away With Distraction. According to the book, lucky people distract themselves after a spell of bad luck by going to the gym, watching a funny film, listening to music, or visiting friends. These physical activities speed up the sense of loss and get it out of the way quicker so they can move on. Loss is all part of playing lotto, so get moving!

4) Ignore Superstition. The book showed that lucky people were less superstitious than unlucky people. If a black cat crossed your path, go ahead and buy your tickets anyway. Cats can't control your luck - only you can. It's amazing how many players select a group of numbers by avoiding 13 or playing a birthday date... this only makes their winning harder.

5) Persist, Persist! This is my favorite - Relentless Focused Action! Persisting is the most important part of using my lotto system. If you want to win at lotto with my system, you must never ease up. When the weather stops you getting down to your local store to buy tickets, break through your comfort barrier and do it anyway. When your tickets only bring you a few freebies, remember that next week is a fresh start. Your persistence will be worth the effort.


How To Start Winning:
Buy the Silver Lotto System - your first step.
2. Get LottoPredict to know when to play.
3. PRO Custom Profiles let you play every game.

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