Have You Done Your Lottery Apprenticeship Yet?

He stood at the edge of space, hands gripping both sides of the capsule doorway.

Above him the massive silver helium balloon stood out against the black sky, 24 miles above the earth.

Adventurer Felix Baumgartner was about to make the highest freefall jump in history.

What many of the 8 million live tv viewers on that day a year ago didn't realize was that the record he broke was the result of 5 years of research and planning. And his apprenticeship went back even further... with years of skydiving and air adventures.

Like most world shattering events, the preparation takes much longer than anyone is prepared to do.

But for Felix it paid off.


That’s why the list of successful people in any life event is so small. Because the time to achieve greatness takes so long.

Winning the lottery is no different.

While you might be lucky and get large prizes straight after you buy the Silver Lotto System, the reality is that sometimes it takes a while. It's like an apprenticeship...you need to put in a little time first.

For our $22 million Oz Lotto winner, it took eight months. Another Silverite, Maher M, took nearly six months to win a share of $3.2 million.

The lottery is like a moving target, constantly searching for winners. To win, you simply need to be at the right place at the right time.


And this involves always playing, always persisting. The System gets you close to the top of the winner's queue... then it's up to you to be there when the wheelbarrow of money comes your way.

But don't get discouraged about long timeframes... Robert Welan told me his $2.8 million winning relatives bought the System - and won just one week later. It can happen.

The fun of playing lotto is the unpredictability of getting that prize. But you can accelerate your progress...

To get through your own apprenticeship fast, do this:

1. Choose wisely. It’s all about playing the lotto game with the lowest numbers of balls and ball numbers. Look at your LottoPredict chart for the best games to play (available for just $11 a month when you become a Silver Lotto Member).

2. Play frequently. At least once a week. If you have the funds, then twice a week if your game has that option. But be careful of using too few tickets. You should...

3. Use maximum tickets. If your budget is $80/month, use that amount split over one or two games. Don’t play 4 games with $20 each, or 8 games a month with $10. That will get you results - because the Silver Lotto System gives you a real advantage with low ticket amounts - but more tickets agile you better odds.

Most players give up well before they hit their winning streak.

But if you plan and play by this advice, the results can be spectacular.

Highlights from Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall from 128,000ft.

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