The Absolute Worst Mistake You Can Make Playing The Lottery

A car covered in lottery tickets as a prank. Photo

We all get things wrong at times. Recently a local couple were about to sell their broken down car.

The catch? It had $500,000 worth of winning lottery tickets in the glovebox that they had forgotten to check.

They only remembered as they were dropping off the car to be repaired, then to be sold. Lucky!

But do you know what the worst lottery mistake you can make?

Not buying your tickets!

You would be amazed at the many lottery players who didn't buy tickets... and who lose out in a big way.

Here’s a few almost-winners of the Silver Lotto System who have written to me:

---I did not buy and the prize pool meant that $1Million would have been won, as my first line of numbers came up. Lester R.

--- I am sorry to say that I had all 5 numbers for the Illinois Little Lotto last Thursday and did not play unfortunately... resulting in my not winning the $175,000 pot. Larry C.

--- I failed to play on Wed, but my numbers would have won a ticket with 5 out of 6 numbers and a couple of 3's!! Rosalind D.

--- I missed a drawing which 5 of 6 numbers were picked in your pick 52 list that I downloaded. I keep telling myself why didn't I play these numbers. Al A.

--- My friend, who I left the copy of your system at her house, who also helped me calculate the numbers in your system, called me yesterday, Thanksgiving day, screaming I had 5 numbers in the system that paid $5,000.00. I informed her that I didn't play the numbers, instead, I left the numbers in my office. Charles J.

--- Friday night I had my husband choose numbers to fill out a Powerball profile so that I could see if I could be successful creating a profile myself. That profile ...would have been a total of 4 winners on that Profile chart. This proves to me that absolutely anyone can use your system. Mary J.


Morale of the story? Don’t play on paper. Forget about researching past wins. Concentrate on the future and remember to buy your tickets.


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