Forever Rich - How To Make A Lottery Prize Last & Last

So you won a big prize. Now what?

Having a lump sum from a big lottery prize is a great feeling at first. But when the money runs out in a year or two - it is not.

This "spending until it's gone" is the biggest problem for lottery winners, and many spend it all in a few short years.

Here's how to avoid it, and how you can actually become richer!

The answer is to turn your winnings into cashflow.

Cashflow is one of the most important words in life. It means just that... cash flowing into your world so you can spend it. Call it income if you prefer. For most people it comes from working a job, trading time for a weekly wage.

So how do you get extra cash flowing from a lottery win?

It is remarkably simple...

Your win is your capital. You put that capital - your winnings - into an investment, and then live off the interest it produces.

Say you got a $10m win. That will bring you up to $800,000 a year at around 7-8% in interest.

It will keep coming in week after week, forever.

This amount is about $15,000 a week pouring into your bank account without stopping. This amount is easily enough to pay a big mortgage, make payments on cars, boats... and have enough left over to travel and live a fine lifestyle.

Worried about living your life with repayments like this? Don't be.

When you have this large amount of capital in the bank, secure, banks will fall over themselves to lend to you. You don't even have to have a job or regular income, because the interest is the same thing.

And when you've paid it all off while enjoying life in the meantime, you still own everything you've bought... PLUS your capital. And the money keeps on rolling in. It's like having the geese that lays the golden eggs. You'll never run out.

It's a win-win situation! Here's the steps:

#1. When you're asked whether you want a lump sum or an annuity (payments spread out over a 20 year period or so), always ask for a lump amount.

#2. Keep some of the win aside for making deposits on your purchases.

#3. Ask your financial adviser to get you the safest return on your capital.

#4. Start buying your goods with payment amounts based on your interest.

#5. Relax and enjoy your abundant life!


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