How This Older Mechanic Used The Lotto Leapfrog Strategy

The Mercedes SL sports car is one of the most desired cars of its kind. Here's my SL500.

There was a picture in our local paper a few years back of an older gent posing with one of the top Mercedes sports cars available.

The car was only a few years old, and one of the most expensive models made.

He was a Mercedes technician, and he loved these cars so much that he had put his life savings into buying the best model he could afford.

But his lifestyle was a mismatch.

He wasn’t wealthy.

His home was a small 2-bedroom flat with a single garage for his pride and joy. He lived modestly, had no money to speak of.

But he had leapfrogged.

He may never be able to afford lavish dinner parties in expensive hotels, nor travel the world in luxury.

But he doesn't care... he owns this symbol of status for a different reason.

Everyone should leapfrog. If you don't, how will you know that the job that seems out of reach... the expensive jewelry that you love but is out of your league... the mansion that you've envied round the corner... is available to you?

Most people are the opposite when they use my systems.

That's usually because they are used to buying $5 quickpicks.

Anything more expensive and the alarm bells go off in their heads. They are limited by their beliefs.

Even when my system shows they can get far more success by increasing their ticket numbers, they shy away.

That's not the right approach.

Like the Mercedes guy living his dream, they should leapfrog... jump over the tiny regular amounts they used to spend, and save up those amounts until it grows into one larger lump sum.

Try it. Then play the game and see what a huge difference it makes to your winning odds!


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