Living The Lotto Life: Famous Film Director Strips For Interview

Sir Peter Jackson (right) with actor Jed Brophy at the Hobbit world-wide fan event last night. Photo

Last night on tv I watched a famous film director walk into a packed auditorium filled with hundreds of cheering spectators.

He was a celebrity basking in the approval of his fans.

But suddenly I noticed there was something strange about his appearance.

I grabbed the remote, paused the player, rewound, and played again.

Yes, there it was... the oddest thing I've ever seen.

He was barefoot.

Nice shirt and trousers... and he had stripped off his shoes to show his naked feet.


In a live interview which went out to millions of viewers and fans around the world, Sir Peter Jackson - of Lord Of The Rings And Hobbit fame - looked though he'd come off a beach.

He was promoting his Hobbit series of films, The Desolation Of Smaug.

And guess what.

Nobody cared a hoot about his feet. They were there to see and hear a director of immense talent and skill.

Not to judge the way he dressed.

Peter lives over the harbor from me. Earlier in the year I watched his film being made on the headland close to his home.

You can see the pic I took here.


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