WIN TIP: Which Lotto Games Should You NOT Miss This Week?

Powerball winner Pedro Quezada won $338 million in March 2013. Photo

I've just finished the week's upcoming LottoPredict predictions.

If you didn't know, LottoPredict is the new name for Lotto-80. But don't worry, they are both exactly the same service.

You can sign in to both LottoPredict or Lotto-80 through the "MEMBER LOGIN" at the top of this Lotto Life blog menu.

New here and want to sign up for it? You will. It's so cheap you'll laugh at the price.

If you got your System through the Silver Lotto Private Access Site, then getting LottoPredict is easy.

Simply click on the "LottoPredict" tab in the private website and follow the easy instructions to subscribe.

At $11 a month it's a no-brainer... the best value you'll ever get.

And it's the only service of its kind in the lottery world. Subscribe to LottoPredict and watch your ticket costs drop, and your win rate increase.

And here's the tip... Powerball in USA, South Africa and Australia are green for go this week.

To find out exactly which day, get your LottoPredict subscription started right now.