You'll Never Regret Knowing These 5 Rock Solid Lottery Ticket Tips

No regrets - these Canada 649 lottery winners retired immediately after their win. Photo

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You'll see the official results sites of nearly every game in the world - and one click on the GAMES tab above gets you straight to it.

But what if you won and couldn't find your tickets?

Or someone stole them and collected your fortune? Here's some tips on how to protect your biggest investment:

1. What would happen if you lost your winning ticket? So photocopy your tickets. Do this for both your Silver Lotto System profiles and your game tickets too.

2. Write your name on every winning ticket. (Include the words "ticket owner" if you wish, but generally you'll be able to prove your name with your ID, driver's license etc).

3. Have your lotto shop check the ticket numbers after each game - don't rely on your own eyes. When the store checks them, that means that you won't miss a number... which could be the difference between a world trip and a disaster!

4. If you give lotto tickets as a gift, make sure the recipient can claim them. If the game requires players over the age of 18, it will be a few long years before your 12 year-old niece or nephew gets to spend their $50 million from the ticket you gave them for their birthday.

5. Playing in a syndicate? At the very least you should have a document signed by everyone who takes part, with a brief description of the games you are playing, the amount you put in and what share you will get on winning. It keeps everyone honest.


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