17 Weird Lottery Superstitions That Players Use - But Will It Help Them Win?

Rubbing the head of a bald man shows that even USA ex-President George Bush is superstitious.

According to this survey I put up a short while back, a third of you believe that following some superstitions will win you the lottery.

A belief can be a very powerful motivator. Who can question that?

Take a look and see if you're doing some of these actions in the hope of improving your luck:

1. Passing a lottery ticket over the back of a black cat.

2. Passing a lotto ticket over the belly of a pregnant woman.

3. Keeping an old iron key in your pocket while buying.

4. Entering the lottery store with your left foot.

5. Asking for your lottery ticket be given to you by the lottery seller's right hand.

6. Using Personal Destiny Numbers for tickets: eg, adding all the numbers in your date of birth... 1/6/1948 becomes your PDN of 29.

7. Carrying a good luck charm when buying the tickets... a wooden stick, horseshoes, 4 leaf clover, rabbit's foot, medallion.

8. Using numbers or information from a dream.

9. Picking numbers from a pair of dice.

10. Applying special numbers. 8 is a popular Chinese lucky number.

11. Avoiding certain numbers. But 43% of French people think that 13 is a lucky number.

12. Using numbers from a fortune cookie.

13. Wearing a pin pinned upside down on the inside of your collar when buying your tickets.

14. Avoiding wearing red or yellow clothing when buying tickets.

15. Putting a large silver coin in your shoe when buying your lottery ticket.

16. Needing to buy something else in the lottery store, or your tickets will be unlucky.

17. Rubbing the head of a bald man before buying your tickets (make sure you know him and ask first!)

Do they work? Many powerful Chinese business men call on lucky horoscopes daily to find direction in their career - they believe, and it works.

Try it yourself to find out.

But I have to tell you, my System will get you better results than any patting a bald man's head!


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