Before You Rip Up Those Old Lottery Tickets: 7 Ideas You Should Check Out First


Let's take a look at the untidy pile of losing lottery tickets in your top drawer, and see how we can make them productive before they head to the rubbish bin.

After all, you've probably put some serious money into those colored slips.

We can't blame you for wanting something back for your trouble.

So here's 7 unusual ways you can turn your loss into a possible gain:

#1. Check them from the store machine first
This step is the most important. Even though you think you checked your tickets at the time - when you play often, the chance of missing a winning ticket in the pile is high. Protect yourself by getting your tickets double checked at the store.

#2. Donate them to art
Two New York artists used lottery tickets to build a lifesize car, and called it art. You could donate you used tickets to a cause like this.

#3. Get them signed by celebrities
Why not? It might make the stars think a minute, and you might get more time with them - maybe even a question answered. I bet you'll get some interesting dialogue instead of a silent scribble!

#4. Keep old tickets in your wallet to bribe muggers
In the heat of the moment they won't be checking the dates. Tell them you're about to get them checked, that you've won some prizes, and they can have them if they leave you alone. (What a sorry reason for keeping old lottery tickets! Let's hope it never happens to you).

#5. Use them in party games
Use the lottery number sequences, and then give your guests a number of minutes to find it. Hilarity ensured!

#6. Fundraising (bingo style)
Give out the tickets at the door, and call the numbers out like a bingo hall.

#7. Get tax back
Sometimes you can successfully argue that your losses are deductible. And according to this article at, you can sometimes get away with it!


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