FREEDOM: The 10 Ways The Lottery Changed My Life

Johan Fourie's $4 million win in the Florida Lottery changed his life.

Lottery winning brings more than just money - it brings freedom on a scale you could never imagine today.

When you turn that mound of money into a life free of worry and work, then living well becomes the joy it should always be.

Here's how I personally benefit, and why you should take every humanly possible step to win the lottery and join me...

#1. Convenience: My mother-in-law, a gracious lady of 97 at the time, broke her glasses. I was able to pop across to her house about 20 minutes drive away, get her out into the big wide world, and have her glasses fixed on the spot.

#2. Family Times: I have a regular weekly lunch date with one of my daughters who works in the city. If her hours or appointment date change, I’m flexible enough to pick her up whenever the time suits her.

#3. Fixin' Stuff: When tradesmen call, I'm always home. I never have to take time off to wait for them. We all know how unreliable some of these guys are!

#4. No Queues: It's been years since I stood in a queue. I always shop off-peak or have my groceries delivered, and rarely have to wait in any line for more than a minute or two. It's the perfect example of the freedom of doing something only when YOU want to.

#5. Lousy Weather: If it's raining I can choose to stay indoors. Gone are the days when I had to trudge in all sorts of weather to get to work.

#6. No More Work Hours: The days of someone telling me when to get to work, when to take a break, when to meet appointments, when to go home... are over for good. Enough said.

#7. Beautiful Sunrises: Sometimes the sun rising or setting over our harbor presents a picture that is breathtaking. One day it can be a rich red sky above a glassy sea, and the effect would make an artist weep. I can watch it for as long as I need to, without worrying about getting back to work.

#8. Wallet: Lately I've taken to carrying about $500 in cash in my wallet. Hard cash gives you mental freedom - even in this day of credit. And if it got stolen I wouldn't worry much. It's a far cry from the early days when I got shortchanged at a store by $20, and it affected my whole week - my budget was that tight. That's many years ago, thank goodness.

#9. Accounting: Like most entrepreneurs I dislike accounting and the picky financial details involved in managing a business. I saw the light a few years ago. and handed it all over to an excellent accounting firm. I now have no worries, and all my time is spent doing the things I want.

#10. Short Cuts: I was watching a TV program of dream homes last night, and saw one large contemporary home with two active children which had white interior walls throughout. How did they keep these walls so clean? The answer was simple... the owner had them all painted EVERY year! Problem solved!

Don't ever disregard the power of the lottery to make you exceedingly rich and give you undreamed of freedom... far more than the examples I've given you here in my life.

Play this week with my system and enjoy the freedom you deserve.

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