WINNING TACTICS: How Many Stones Have You Kicked Today?

Stones are useful for many things - as this massage patient is discovering.

I take a daily walk down our private road and out to the suburb around it.

And I take a different way every day, and go at a different time. Takes about 30-40 minutes.

And along the way I start kicking at stones on the road.

So why do I do that?

As you know from my websites, I own a couple of expensive cars.

Not as expensive as the McLaren F1 that British comedian Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr Bean, crashed and recently had repaired for a breath-taking $1.4 million!

But expensive enough. And pristine. Not a scratch or dent anywhere - they look like new.

But if the tires catch a stone on the road and flip it up on to the bodywork, my day/life (let's not get too dramatic, but it's a real blow!) is pretty much ruined.

So, while I realise I can't get rid of all stones in the world, I try for getting rid of some in my path.

And after a month or two, I've succeeded in getting a few miles of stone-free road.

And this is exactly the way I play the lottery. And the way I recommend you should play as well.

A stone at a time. A game at a time.

It's the same thing. You see a road littered with stones, but it takes less time than you think to kick them all away over time and get a stone-free surface.

You start by playing one game, then another next week. And before you know it, your wins are piling up.

But if you tried to play many games in one go, not only would it be expensive but it would be exhausting.

Do one thing at a time... kick the stones - a game a week... and the Big Win will be in your bank before you know it!