REALITY: Don't Put Your Life On Hold For The Lottery - 3 Tips To Move On

Jack really wanted to win the lottery.

His waking moments were filled with plans - what he was going to do once the money hit his bank account.

Trouble was, he neglected everything... his work, his family, his long term goals. He put his life on hold while he waited for the Big Win.

I heard later from his wife that finally he had decided to let go of the constant need to win, and got on with his career.

I don't know what made him change his decision.

But recognising the problem was probably part of it.

While it's important to get excited about winning and planning, don't neglect to carry on with the important things in life. You can run your ambitions for a lottery winning together with your normal life.

Here's some tips to make it easier for you:

1. Set a limited time aside each day to plan your win.
This is what many businesses do. But put a limit on the planning stage, say 10 minutes while you are taking a break. Then forget it and get back to what you were doing.

2. Write down your winning plans in detail.
Write how you will spend your jackpot, who you will give funds to. Once these goals are in writing, your mind will more easily leave the topic. Many people do this with their worries too. They write their problems down, and some might shred or burn the paper to symbolically put the problem behind them.

3. Don't make any decision today based on winning tomorrow.
You might put off a repair because you might think the lottery win will cover it. Or you might blow the housekeeping money on tickets because you had a feeling your win time had come. Don't make any life-changing decision based on a future event like winning the lottery, nothing is ever that certain.

Once you can adapt and compartmentalize your dreams, your life will be more balanced and fulfilling.

Try it!