My $120 Shock Test Reveals The Truth About My Lottery System

No test needed for this Canada Lotto Max $50 million winner! Photo

A while back I ran a test. Because it was so interesting and relevant right now, I thought I'd highlight it again for you.

You'll see how effective this test was in revealing the truth about lottery picks when you read it.

Here's what I did.

For the test I bought $60 worth of quick picks - tickets picked by the store's lottery computer.

The assistant looked at me with surprise.

"You sure you want to do this?" she said. "Most people only spend a couple of dollars on quick picks you know."

That was good of her to ask.

But I said nicely, "please do the order, I know what I'm doing," I smiled.

So she did. Then I surprised her again.

I bought another $60 worth of tickets from my Silver Lotto System.

As I left the store I'm sure she thought I was crazy. But here's the logic behind my buys...

I wanted to show which method gave the best results. Even though I knew the answer beforehand.

So, with $60 of tickets spent on each method, I sat back and waited for the Saturday Powerball draw to run at 8pm that night.

It was quite revealing.

What do you think happened with my test?

Did I win more with the quick picks - or my own system?

Here's the results.

 Obviously the photo on the left shows the winning tickets from the quick picks selection. Zero. So I got absolutely nothing back.

The three tickets on the right were the wins from my system.

And I made my $60 investment back with extra - a total of $93. 

It was a lot of money to spend just for a test I knew I'd win. But it proved again the effectiveness of my system. Try it for yourself!


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