Here's How To Simplify Your Life With Lotto: Beats Working For A Living!

Luxury! Life can be a lifelong holiday when you win the lottery.

In case you didn't know, for a long time some people called me the "how-to guru" for my writing and marketing ebooks.

Back a few years ago I was one of the top ebook sellers and authorities on the net. I wrote a couple of marketing books which sold a million or so.

Lotto however, has always been my first interest. Beats working for a living.

So, wearing my other hat as a writer, I was reading through a popular forum for internet marketing.

And a post caught my eye.

It was a very familiar post to me... something I had seen countless times before.

Because it showed how many people get confused when they try to get an income on the net.

This guy said, in part:

"I don't stay focused. I have bounced around from idea to idea this past year like a basketball... Blogs. Then content sites. Then Clickbank. Autoresponder mail lists. eBay. Good grief. Pick something and get good at it. Real good."

I smiled to myself.

Winning is better than a job! California SuperLotto Plus winner Julie Cervera thinks so too.

He reminded me that playing and winning lotto is easier than any kind of business - on the net or off. Easier than a job. Even easier than washing the dishes.

All you do is trot down to your local lotto store, hand across your coupons to the friendly face behind the counter, then go back to watch tv that night and see how much you've won.

Or log in online if your lottery game has that feature, enter your details and wait for the winning email.

You'll be doing that today some time, if you're playing this Saturday.

So like me, you'll be very happy that you don't have to stay fiercely focused like our friend - who had to leap around all year figuring 'what' to do and 'how' to do it.

It doesn't often work out.

But when you play lotto with my Silver Lotto System, everything you need is ready for you. You just wait for the lucky ball to drop out of the chute and make you a millionaire many times over.

When you follow the instructions, you KNOW exactly what you're doing.

Because it's set out step by step. Then it's finished. Just after 30 minutes of filling your lines out, it's all over, and you won't have to repeat it ever again.

Life couldn't be simpler, could it!



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