WINNERS: Are You Choosing From The Top Draw?

We have two cutlery drawers. In the top one are a new set of shiny, gleaming knives, forks and spoons. And maybe teaspoons and cheese knives - I don't know, haven't looked that closely.

And in the drawer below is the stainless steel set we've been using for the last 10 years or more.

Not so shiny, a little worn, some with dishwasher marks when the rinse aid ran out.

They are in the lower 'don't use' drawer because I swapped them over when I did a personal makeover this week. I decided I wasn't going to put up with substandard stuff.

So in this makeover I made some changes to spoil myself:

  • I threw out the mismatched socks. I buy only black socks for most occasions, but after a while the different brands look different. The bands are different, some blacks fade quicker than others because they're bought at different times. So what I saved in time by buying only black, I lost in the perfect match. So I ditched all the mismatches and bought completely new socks. Now I feel special again.

  • I tossed out all the strange brands of car polish I always intended to try out. The lack of clutter now means easy decisions and faster work.
  • Gone are all my expensive ties. I don't wear ties at all, haven't for decades and likely won't again. Even though some ties cost me over a hundred dollars each, off they went to the local secondhand store.

  • And I resolved only to eat with the best knives and forks in the future. So I put the best at the top drawer, and packed up the old cutlery to go in the second drawer. It'll be stored there until a good cause comes along to give it away.

I deserve better. I came from a poor background and that feeling has never left - and drives me today. It has motivated me to be better each year both for myself, and how I treat others.

Part of that motivation you can copy - simply by treating yourself to the best... and being the best you can be.

I did that by taking from the top drawer. It's the same with playing the lottery.

You should use the best System you can afford to get the best results.