MY SYSTEM: Why You Don't Need To Know About Numbers To Win The Lottery

The guy in the group called out. "Anyone know how much I get a week on $90,000 a year?"

Immediately I called back, "$1800 a week, less tax."

They all swiveled round to look at me.

"How did you know that?" said another, curious. I smiled and tapped my nose.

I'll give you the secret in a minute, but first I'll reveal something else...

This - I don't write much about calculating lotto numbers in these newsletters.

And there's a good reason.

With my System, and the effective PRO Custom Profiles, there's nothing left for you to calculate.

All the computations, number selection, calculations, testing and double checking have all been worked out for you.

And all before you lift your pen to fill out the tickets.

There's nothing more to do except write me about your winnings like John here:


So really, there's no reason for me to talk about numbers any further. Any discussion won't help you at all.

All you do is follow the Silver lotto System until you win. It couldn't be easier.

So if you're looking for detailed discussion on:

  • hot numbers
  • cold numbers
  • frequent numbers
  • infrequent numbers
  • favorite numbers
  • hot sequences
  • cold sequences
  • frequent sequences
  • infrequent sequences
  • favorite sequences...

... then I'm afraid you're out of luck. Because all these weird number theories that you see in other systems won't win you a red cent.

I've examined a number of other lotto products, and I cannot believe how people can take them seriously. They are either too complicated for any human mind to comprehend, or copies of mine (illegal - don't buy them!).

After you buy and read up about my System, you'll understand at once why it works.

It's simple and understandable. You'll also know why a small percentage of luck is also necessary.

Nobody else tells you that.

What I will tell you is how I figured out the weekly pay packet so quickly in my head.

I took the yearly amount, 90,000, and simply doubled the first 3 numbers - 900.

Which is 1800, the weekly amount.

The answer is exactly 1730, but for a quick answer in less than a second of thinking, mine is close enough.

Easy when you know how!