WINNING: I Could Almost Train A Monkey To Complete These Lottery Tickets


An anonymous winner is dressed as a monkey to collect his jackpot from China's lottery.

I'm going to reveal a little about how my System gets wins for you in a minute - something I've rarely done before.

And I'm doing it because if you haven't bought my Silver Lotto System or PRO yet, you don't know how easy it is.

Now, I don't get around to visit other systems much. Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home? (As actor Paul Newman said about his long-term marriage to his wife).

But I do know this fact about other systems: most of them require you to Keep Records.

Imagine this...

It's Monday morning and you're looking forward to another week on the factory floor (just joking, aren't I?)

Your boss comes up to you and says, "Hey, remember that widget you produced last week?"

You don't, but you mumble something that sounds like a yes... could also have been a cough.

"Okay," says your boss, ignoring your reply and settling down beside you, opening a big sheaf of papers in a binder.

And for the next hour he talks about your work. But not like a human being would to another. He's saying things like: "Move the 100088 to station 34#77 and 100-gauge the 300JLT for a 9000 ISU. Then jump the 500**1 series to an allocator by 2000%..."

It's workflow gibberish, and we all pretend we understand.

But very few people understand figures or love to work with them.

The ones that do - well, they're a breed apart. I think they got pocket protectors in their bibs as a child.

So as I trawled the net this morning, I came across yet another system that is typical of most lottery systems other than mine - it doesn't have any winning testimonials. (My system is one of the few which are successful enough to have hundreds of winning comments scattered all over).

But that wasn't the only thing.

That complex system was typical because it required you to love figures, and Keep Records.

Here's what you had to do. It gave me a headache looking at it:

  • - Set out all your figures for one game.
  • - Play the game and then note the winning numbers and their patterns to the 10 games before it.
  • - Fill out an Excel spreadsheet extrapolating the numbers when a variable is introduced.
  • - Fill out your tickets with the variables.
  • - Play the next game.
  • - Work it out again.
  • - Repeat. And again until you nearly vomit from the effort.

Now get this - for EVERY game you had to change ALL your figures, then fill out your tickets. And do it all over again!

They've created a monster. Who has the time, tenacity or temperament to wade through all these steps, then repeat it week after week?

Not you or I, that's for certain.

So, is there an alternative?

Yes, my Silver Lotto System. Because it is unique in many ways, but mainly this: It is unique because it gives you several ways to win.

You only have to calculate your figures ONCE, ever. (And in a ground-breaking move, I'm going to show exactly how in just a minute).

It's a once-in-a-lifetime procedure... like a Las Vegas wedding or jumping the Grand Canyon in a motorcycle.

That sheaf of tickets you hold in your hand - after you've spent only 30 easy minutes filling it out from my instructions - is the only lifetime action you need to do.

Now, I haven't mentioned this before, but if you are curious about how my system works, then I'm going to give you an example of how easy it is, and how you go about it.

You start at the top of one column with a number. In our example, I will tell you that the number will need to be an even number between 12 and 18. Let's say you choose 14. Then you fill down the column like this: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 etc. until you reach the end.

Rinse and Repeat a few times according to my easy instructions. Win.

Can you see how easy it is? I could train a pet monkey from our local zoo to fill out my numbers for me, it's that simple.

Let's recap:

You don't have to love figures to work my system. Invest a tiny 30 minutes of your life, and then never do it again!

But if you hate figures even worse than a cold tapioca pudding or the screech of fingernails on a blackboard, then you need the figures done for you. I'm talking a Custom Profile or PRO Custom Profiles.

Have I helped you get started? Begin now.

The first step will get you started... all the steps will improve your chances by a huge amount. And you only do it once!


I played your Silver Lottery for 3 weeks and got $75,000 between 2 games. To say I'm amazed is an understatement. My family have just been told and it is like a giant birthday for them. I will be sending my daughter on a trip next weekend and paying the bills too. Thank you again for all your help.

Joan (jw*********