RECORD: What's Easier... Climbing Mt Everest Or Winning The Lottery?

Chhurim Sherpa with her Guinness World Record certificate awarded for her double Mt Everest climb.

Just recently a Nepalese woman climbed the highest mountain in the world. What was more surprising was that she did it twice within 11 days!

Only 3,000 people have reached the top of Mt Everest since the first - New Zealand's Sir Edmund Hillary - conquered it in 1953. So it's a rare event fraught with danger and death. Many don't make it.

Silver Lotto System winners are also a special bunch. They've had the grit and determination to keep going through a losing streak long after others have given up.

This alone makes the difference.

Some players have won moderately big amounts, like our $22.2 million, $3.2 million and other $1 million winners you can read about in our testimonials.

But I also get lots of emails each week with wins that are too small to put in my testimonial pages... from $50 up to around $1,000.

As small as these wins are, they are still proof that my System is working successfully for these lucky people.

Like Monica whose small wins are proof her Big One is coming:


Winners are a different breed.

They have long realized that there is a price to pay for everything.

Just like celebrity property owners who are willing to pay more for a Malibu beachfront property than an identical house elsewhere, successful lotto players know that they have to pay an entry fee to get in the game.

This fee is the cost of the tickets. Without these pieces of paper, nothing happens.

Yet losers still think that every cent spent has to bring a winning number. It may not of course - it's just an entry fee and there's a tiny bit of luck involved. 

Let's face it, spending $10 on the lottery is hugely different to climbing a mountain with all its risks and preparation. And with the Silver Lotto System or PRO, the rewards are even better.

Enjoy the climb!