Here's The 7 Biggest Lottery Myths Unveiled

Winning is easy when you know how! Gordon and Betty won $30 million in Canada's Lotto Max. Photo

Many people have the wrong idea about how to play and win lotto. Let's bust a few myths:

MYTH #1. Winning lotto is difficult to win.
No it's not. When you've got the right system, winning is easy - as Diane writes:

Just thought I'd update you since my last communication - Ken I have continued to win at EACH and EVERY draw I entered since purchasing your system. Again I won $500.00 this last Saturday, it's like having a part time job or something!!! To reiterate, I have won EACH and EVERY draw I entered.
Thanks again, Ken. Yours truly, Diane

MYTH #2. Winners are rarely happy.
Wrong. A recent poll showed that lotto winners were among the happiest people on the planet. Only 2% were less happy after their win. If you think about it, it's quite simple... would you be happy with a lot of money - or none?

MYTH #3. You can't win by wishing.
Yes you can. Hope plays a big part in winning lotto. It keeps you going when you get losses, and keeps your enthusiasm up. Most people fail at lotto by dropping out of the game too early.

MYTH #4. There is no system that can help you win.
There are a few systems that claim to help you win... but most don't. You can easily check whether they will help you by checking out their testimonials from happy winners. Very few have these genuine winners... except mine.

MYTH #5. Winning lotto is pure luck.
While luck plays a small part in your wins, the way you set up your winning plan is more important. Luck can be manufactured by increasing the number of tickets and increasing the number of games you play.

MYTH #6. You'll win more if you go to a lucky shop.
There is no such thing as a lucky lotto shop. It is simply a place where more people have bought their tickets than anywhere else. The system you use is more important than where you buy your tickets.

MYTH #7. There is only one way to win lotto. 
There are several ways besides entering a game. You can enter my Winner's Circle syndicate... and you can increase your chances with my LottoPredict or PRO Custom Profiles.

Remember that the barrier to winning is in your mind. If you believe you can't, you won't. Now, let's get winning!


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