Here's 5 Hot Tips For Winning Powerball Any Time You Play


Mavis Wanczyk, circled, won an astounding $758 Million from the Powerball jackpot in 2017.

With the vast amount of prize money available through Powerball in countries like South Africa, New Zealand, the United States and Australia, you would be crazy not to try it.

But you need a helping hand because of the huge numbers of players you're competing with.

Here are 5 hot tips and methods for boosting your play and beating the Powerball crowd:

TIP #1. Go for the smaller prizes too. The giant USA Powerball jackpot prize is the motivator for most players. While this single jackpot is the ultimate prize, it is not the only one you should look at. In the US, hundreds of thousands of weekly players can win more than $7.5 Million in secondary prizes each game.

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TIP #2. Use my LottoPredict to see which Powerball game you need to play. Will it be Wednesday or Saturday for the USA Powerball? And which week should you play Thursday's Australian Powerball? See how Powerball's best kept secret works:


Louise White (right) won $336.4 million in the Rhode Island Powerball in March 2012.

TIP #3. Choose your payout carefully, then use it to decide how to play. Most jackpot winners take the lump sum payout where it's offered. Prizes are also paid by annuity (drip feed) over 20 years. But a one-time lump sum cash payment will end up about two-thirds of the total cash prize money offered. For the USA Powerball, there are still personal and federal taxes to come out of any prize amount. So, given the unpredictability of life and taxes, I suggest you take the immediate payout.

TIP #4. Play the same numbers. My System includes numbers for Powerball along with most other games in the world, and work on the principle of using the SAME numbers each time. It's a one-time set up that makes life so much easier because you only do the figures once.

TIP #5. Get started fast. I offer a great Powerball option to help you win faster and more often, the PRO Custom Profiles. What I've done is completed all the numbers for you so there are no messy, time-consuming calculations. All you have to do is transfer the numbers to your tickets. And you do this only once, ever. You keep playing those numbers - that's the secret of the Silver Lotto System.

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