POWER PLAYER: Michael Is On A Roll With Powerball!

Majorie McDaniel (r) and her daughter receive the $1million Powerball prize. She found the ticket on her car floor! Photo.

Sometimes it's just plain interesting to see how someone else uses the Silver Lotto System to win.

So here's an email from Michael and his results playing Powerball:


Hi Ken,
Later I'll order more from you but I'm on S.S. and only make $613.00 a month. I do play Power ball 1-55 white ball 1-42 red and lotto 1-44 and show me 5 1-44. I spend $20.00 a month some times more or less, and I do win using your system.

I've won: $400.00 ,$300.00, $75.00, $50.00, $10.00, $5.00, $3.00 Not just once but many times. Believe me the winnings sure help me to keep playing and to add a little bit more to my S.S. check every month. I put 1/2 back in to playing and the other half in my pocket. I won every week for Four months On powerball.

My Tickets Grew to 23 Playing During the Four months, until they all played out. It was a great feeling. Really its not about how much I won as it is YOUR SYSTEM WORKS. Some day I may win the big one.
Thank you
Michael A


Powerball played out at $208 million today, and is now at $40 milllion and climbing, with a couple days to go to the next game.

You've got time to get my the Powerball PRO to play on Saturday: http://silverlottopro.com