QUESTION: When Should You Buy Your Next Lottery Ticket? (Surprising Answer!)

Waiting sometimes pays off! JoAnn and Gaetan Champagne had to wait a month before they could claim their $50 million Lotto Max prize because they were lotto store owners. Photo.

I've always said that its more efficient to spend your ticket money as close to the game draw as possible. This results in the most effect net use of your funds.

Which means you are getting the use of your own money right up until the purchase time.

It equates to paying your bills at the last minute, just before they cut off your power.

But I have another theory also, and it's quite the opposite.

You see, paying at the last minute may be good money management. But it really is living on the edge.

Many people have different reasons for paying late:

  • -They might have an emergency that needs the money already spent.
  • -It feels good to have the money in their pocket than spent ahead of time.

I'm suggesting if you have followed my previous suggestion to buy your tickets at the last minute, you change your tactics right now.

Buy them now, ahead of time. And here's what will happen...

Because you have now committed your money to the tickets and can't go back, you'll feel a lot more settled.

You'll be happier because its like paying off a bill ahead of time, and that always feels good.

But better still, you'll have more time to enjoy the thought of winning. Instead of only having a few hours to think about how a win will affect your life, you'll have almost a week to dream about it.

Many people, including me, make grand plans for the Big Win. We ponder and discuss the options with others. It is an exciting time.

So the more time you have to figure out how you will spend your win, the happier you'll be over the week.

My suggestion: Buy your tickets now for your next game if it's weekly. That gives you a full week for delicious anticipation!

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