READER ASKS: Do I Get A New Profile When The Games Changes Its Numbers?

Winner of the Pennslyvania Powerball, Roger Custer (r) accepts his ceremonial check for $33.1 million. Photo

I received this email from Jason T:

Ken, as you probably know the Powerball has changed its numbers. I just bought your PRO profiles for powerball a few weeks ago, so now they're useless.

What do I do now? Do I get a new profile when the game numbers change like this? Jason.


Unfortunately it's not only Powerball that change their numbers. Occasionally other lottery games will change their numbers, balls or draw times.

Usually they will have a clause in their Terms & Conditions that says something like: "We reserve the right to change these game conditions, with or without notice and at such times and in such manner as we deem appropriate."

Why do they change numbers or ball numbers?

It's generally to make games easier or harder to win. For example, the USA Powerball reduced their power-ball number from 39 to 35. This gives a marginally better odds increase for the player, but not much.

It was done mainly to attract more players.

The Australian Powerball has changed both its balls and numbers too.

As you've figured out, when lotteries change their numbers it affects a lot of players, not only our Silverites.

So what happens if you recently purchased a PRO Custom Profile from me, and it now doesn't work because of these changes?

The answer is easy... I replace them for you, free of charge.

While I like to be generous, the fact is that when I sell a lot of the same games, replacing each custom one is incredibly time consuming.

In some cases I may never be able to complete them! So I put a limit on how many I can replace, based on the number sold and how long it takes me to change them. 

It takes weeks of work, and I can't outsource it to anyone else because of the specialized and confidential nature of the Profiles.

But if you bought a PRO Custom Profile at any time that's out of date because of game number changes, contact me at I'll try and get it to you as fast as I can!