Can I Have This Dance? The Selection Secret Of Lottery Winning

I was 14, and trying to be cool. The music from the live band on the stage started.

The girls were sitting in a long line across the hall.

The guys were grouped on the other side, talking and glancing over at the girls.

One by one they strolled over and asked the girls for a dance. Some guys were accepted.

Some were refused - for no obvious reason that I could see.

I walked across. I was accepted. So far so good.

But when I asked her for the next dance too, I was turned down.

So after a suitable wait, I approached another girl.

She said yes.

And at that time, with the swirling lights and smiling couples and the hypnotic music from the band and the girl in my arms, I figure PRO Custom Profiles was conceived.

Because I had worked out - in a simple way - why dancing with the same girl several times doesn't always lead to happiness.

When that girl turned me down, it was like getting the losing numbers in a lottery game.

So I forgot about her and made a different choice.

That's how the PRO system works. It's a series of 4 different number patterns, and you choose a different one to use each time. Because the draw numbers change all the time, you have to keep trying a different set.

Getting the right numbers for the game is just like approaching another girl at the dance. The first girl turned you down, and you lost out.

You try again with a different girl.

Now, when you combine this method with the predictive LottoPredict membership, you're on to a winner.

You now have the secret for winning each game.

Now, start your dance!


I was a non believer until i looked through all your material, it took weeks you have written a lot! Anyway, I think i have found out how it works so I bought some tickets last week and it got me $37,000!!!! Thats not much according to some of youre winners, but to me its a years work and very welcome too. Thanks a million!