I Just Willingly Paid a Plumber $250 For a 5-Minute Job

"This is your problem," said Clint, holding up a plastic part from the bottom of my shower.

He pointed to the holes drilled in it, and looked perplexed.

"First time I've seen that," he scratched his head. "It's been adapted, and not correctly either."

It started a few months back, when our hall started smelling. The smell came from the new shower drain, but I couldn't figure out why.

The weeks passed while I did other things, but eventually the smell became too much and so Clint was called in.

He was out again from the shower in 5 minutes with the offending part. That's all the time it took.

I had searched on the net, looked at everything connected to drainage problems, asked a lot of people.

It was going to be VERY expensive it seemed. Maybe even replacing the drainpipes, tearing up the floor.

In the same way you're probably having the same problem with your lottery game.

You're not getting the results you want, but you can't figure out why.

I can tell you now. Like the plumber I hired, I can point you to exactly what you need.

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The bill came in from the plumber: $250.

But I willingly paid it. Because it was far cheaper than the hours I spent trying to find the answer myself. And far cheaper than the other options everyone else was wrongly telling me to take.

And by the way, it wasn't all his time... there were replacement parts that came to half his billed cost.

But it was still a very cheap answer to my problem.

Don't hold off adding the right tools to your lottery winning strategy.

You're paying a small price for my skill and knowledge... MUCH less than my plumber too.

And in the end that will save you a lot of money!