EXPERT: How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs And Win The Lottery

It's unsettling. I read today that the common bedbug may be resistant to most pesticides.

That means these little blood suckers are getting impossible to kill.

Over the last 15 years the bed bug has spread rapidly. A single fertilized female can infest an entire apartment building. And 10% of all New Yorkers have bed bugs in their homes and at work.

And there seems to be no cure.

Except one. And I know what it is.

It's a unique problem that in many ways is like trying to win the lottery.

I know that too.

Everywhere you look you run up against problems getting a straight answer from experts all round you. 

"How can I win the lottery" is a common search term on the web.

And of course everyone is hanging out for the jackpot... they want to know when they will win it.

How do you find the answers to these questions?

Unlike the bed bug problem, Google won't tell you the lottery secret this time. You have to go to someone who knows - that's me.

Because I've spent since 1991 successfully getting the answer for you.

And I can now confirm you CAN win lottery prizes if you use the Silver Lotto System properly.

It sometimes takes a little time and some dedication.

But you will win out eventually, I guarantee it, if you follow my instructions.

As for the bedbugs answer: you steam them. You use a superheated dry vapor steamer and zap them out of existence, then vacuum up the bodies.

I have such a machine (pictured on the right in my hall entranceway), and I use it often - even though there have been no infestations in our place at all.

It's also useful for killing germs everywhere without the need for chemicals.

You can never be too careful.

And I have the answer to lottery winnings too. Just so you know.

Good night, and don't let the bed bugs bite!