READER ASKS: Do You Sell My Email Information To Anyone Else?

Hello Ken, I received a very official-looking piece of mail yesterday from Australia claiming that I was a "candidate" for the 40,000,000 prize from the Powerball game, and that if I send ten bucks they will release the information. What I would like to know is how the heck they got my name and address in the first place. I unfortunately thought immediately of YOU, since I just got started with your system at the tail end of last year. Please set my fears to rest.


Here's the thing... I've never released any details of anyone... not you, your purchase, your address or email anywhere, to anyone, at any time.

There are many businesses which sell their mailing list to brokers or list media, but I have never done that in the 24 years I've been selling the Silver Lotto System.

You were probably just part of a mass mailout where the names are culled from the White Pages.

Or maybe you

  • signed a warranty card for a product sometime, or
  • made a charitable donation, or
  • used a supermarket points card

... and left a paper trail. Any of those groups may have onsold your contact details.

But as for me doing it - it hasn't happened, and will never happen. You're quite safe here.


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