REVEALED - Never Too Rich Or Too Thin: My Addiction Story

Why is it that you rarely see fat rich people? What do they do that's different to the rest of us?

And who said, "You can never be too thin or too rich" ... were they right after all?*

When two thirds of all Americans are classified as obese, how do the 1% - the rich - stay thin?

Will you become thin when you win the lottery or come into a large sum of money? Can you become thin before you get rich?

Let me answer those questions first by telling you my story as an addict.

It wasn't drugs or prescription pills I was addicted to. Not even cigarettes. I've never even tried any drug of any kind. Aspirin was the strongest pill I had ever taken up to my first hospital visit in years.

But for many long decades I was addicted to a substance that was as bad as any of them.


Before you laugh or click away, let me explain how addiction and money are tied together. And how by quitting your own addiction you can earn more. Even win more.

And how a $700 pair of sunglasses I bought yesterday changed my thinking and caused me to write this post.

For years, maybe most of my life, I happily scoffed sugar in all its forms. In the last 10 years I would be eating a packet of chocolate biscuits each day. Easily.

That's on top of a sugary breakfast and a processed meal each night.

And through all those years as I gained weight, I tried to lose it. In the process I read over three dozen books and used all the methods they suggested.

None of it worked. I just got fatter, sleepier and less energetic as I grew older.

Some days I would look at myself in the mirror and accept that I would be this pear shape for the rest of my days. Bulging belly, man boobs. I had them.

Until one day recently I got a wakeup call. I had a disease related to overconsumption of sugar. Not diabetes, but worse.

For the first time in my life I saw doctors, hospitals, got medical tests. It was a truly a frightening look into my future as I figured I'd never live the same life again.

But here's how I changed it. I got intelligent.

I read, and read, and read some more. You see, while some of life's problems are beyond our control, a lot of it can be solved. If we know how.

You wouldn't know where to start to win the lottery unless someone had shown you a winning method. In the same way you will have no idea how to live a healthy and thin lifestyle unless you have the insider's knowledge.

There are a LOT of benefits besides just being healthy... not puffing your way up the stairs.

When you're the right weight, clothes look good on you.

For example, i tried on a pair of Bulgari sunglasses yesterday. A year ago they wouldn't have suited my fatter face. - now they make me look good. I bought them on the spot.

There's a secret to getting the body you need and deserve.

But is the problem just getting rid of sugar to lose those pounds?

Not entirely. Because sugar is everywhere and in almost everything you eat or drink.

Here's the real answer...

The biggest danger is hidden sugars in the form of high fructose corn syrup. It's used as a sweetener in many products.

Even 'healthy' bread, so called sugar-free diet drinks, and countless other processed foods contain this cheap and deadly additive.

Evidence points to this invisible sweetener as being the cause of the world's obesity epidemic.

Well, I cut out sugars, and it worked.

I dropped a stone and a half in a couple of months, that's about 10 kgs or 22 pounds - and I've kept it off. My clothes look better on me, I feel energetic and lively.

Even my sunglasses match my face. And I can see my feet!

So how does being thin help you win lottery prizes?

Two words that the rich know and use: Knowledge and Power.

You get rid of sugar in your diet and get thin through knowing what to eat. In other words, you increase your intelligence.

  • You use this intelligence to gather the right facts around you.
  • Then use those facts to change your life for good.

With the lottery you use the collected intelligence of my program to swing wins your way.

With the power of intelligence, you change your life.

I've kept my weight constant after discovering the secret. I win prizes in each lottery game because I use that intelligence to outsmart the data. I've become rich and thin! The ultimate success story.

*It was American Wallis Simpson, third wife of Prince Edward.