MY FREE PLANE RIDE: The Sweepstakes Secret That Reveals How To Win The Lottery

Reader's Digest magazine are well known for their long running sweepstakes.

At the young age of 9, I collected a large number of tickets where the prize was a flight in an amphibian aircraft off a local beach.

I wanted to win that sweepstake. 

I asked people around me on the beach for their tickets... I pleaded, I cajoled. I desperately WANTED to be on that flight that was leaving in less than an hour.

And I won.

A few minute's later, sitting in the co-pilot's seat as the pilot, Captain Fred Ladd, called out "a shower of spray and we're away!" I realized then the sheer power of numbers.

A sweepstake can be a contest run by retailers or other groups with a large selection of prizes. To enter, all you do is fill a form, or send in a caption, a slogan, or like me on the beach - collect coupons.

You can find many sites like and offering chances to win prizes.

Want to win more sweepstakes? The answer is as simple as the one that gets you more lottery prizes.

And winning is as simple as doing this one easy task, according to this Business Insider article:

"In order to win a lot of sweepstakes, you need to enter a lot of sweepstakes. There isn't much else you can do that will have an impact on how many items you win."

This is exactly how my System works too of course. To win more, you simply have to:

  • Play more lottery games
  • Play more frequently
  • Play more tickets

Almost anything you do in lottery and your life can be improved by doing more.

If you can find a way to increase everything you do, you'll be a winner earlier.

One of my favorite books is The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. This guy thrives on massive action, and has seen his sales and motivational business rocket when he does that.

As with the Silver Lotto System, it is Massive Action that is the key here. Don't forget it.

Do more, play more. It always leads to success.

But here's an interesting point. My PRO Custom Profiles help by reducing the number of times you need to play.

In other words, it speeds up your rate of play and your win rate increases too. If you're not using PRO then make that top of your list to buy today.