Fire! Ready! Aim! The Lottery Winning Sequence Explained

Imagine while doing target practice if you were given orders in this sequence:

Fire! Ready! Aim!

Crazy. Nothing would happen.

As I was finishing off the LottoPredict predictions just now, it reminded me how important it is to follow the correct steps.

Sometimes I get orders for the PRO Custom Profiles alone. When I check back through the buyer's history I see they haven't bought either LottoPredict or the Silver Lotto System.

So I let them know.

To spell it out, this is the order in which you need to buy my system:

  1. Silver Lotto System
  2. LottoPredict
  3. PRO Custom Profiles

And this is why: the Silver Lotto System works just fine on its own.

But if you don't want to waste your tickets, get LottoPredict.

Then add the PRO Custom Profiles. They let you play each game without wasting your tickets.

Have I confused you?

Why not just buy them all together if you're starting out: Lifetime Pack

Ready? Aim. Fire!


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