GREEN FOR GO! A Whopping 86% Of You Use This Lottery Prediction Service

The most confusing set of traffic lights in the world was installed in China at the entrance to an amusement park. My Red/Green light system is far simpler!

"You're a numbers guy," wrote Josh to me. "So how many people who buy your Silver Lotto System become members of that prediction service of yours?"

His email intrigued me, so in a spare moment this morning I did the sums.

It turns out that a massive 86% of people who buy my system go on to get a LottoPredict subscription.

That's in spite of being previously called Lotto-80 instead of the more descriptive name of LottoPredict. The earlier strange name means that people also have to figure out what it means before buying it.

Oh well, it shows that it must be effective whatever it's called.

Maybe I should have called it the Traffic Light System, because it uses red and green squares to tell you when to play your lottery game... Red for don't play... Green for play.

It's that easy. If you're one of the 14% who don't yet have it, and have $6.60 a month spare to ramp up your Silver Lotto System results, you should take a look now.

There's a big list of over 115 game days available:



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