READER ASKS: When Will I Win A Bigger Lottery Prize?

“Ken, Your blog has become an important read in my daily routine. So thanks for all the work you put into it for us readers! I've just started using your system and am getting some small wins of about $100 each time. When am I going to win a larger amount? And how much do I have to spend each time? Thanks, Gerry.”

While no-one can guarantee a win at any particular time, you can improve your winning chances a lot by:

  • - Playing more often,

  • - Increasing the number of tickets each time,

  • - Sticking to one game instead of spreading across many,

  • - Increasing the number of times you play each week.

This all sounds expensive I know, but I recommend you use LottoPredict which tells you when to buy, and when to save your funds.

It will make a big savings to the amount you play:

As for the amount you need to spend, that's a question I get asked a lot.

The answer is to only spend what you can afford.

Some Silverites play with only $10-12 a game and still get good results.