Start The Week With This Lottery Winner Master Plan

Did the Higgs have a plan to win the Canada Lotto Max of $25 million?

A few minutes ago I clicked a button and launched one of the most important websites in your lottery playing career.

I do this every week, and the website is crucial to your lotto winning success. It's all part of your winning Master Plan.

Now, there's a simple Rule linked to this Plan:

Before you spend on Tickets... spend on Products.

In other words, if you have a set amount that you spend each month on your lotto game, you can reduce it considerably by using this product in your Plan.

My Silver Lotto System is made up of three products. Together they will get the most out of every dollar you spend on a lottery ticket.

And your success rate increases hugely when you get the three products working together.

It works like this...

Say you have $100 a month to play, and you're using just the Silver Lotto System.

That's a good start. You'll get an 80% increase in winning chances than by not using any system at all.

But it still means that 20% of your money is being wasted. And worse - while the system may be correct for the game, the day you play may not be. So you could be wastefully spending a lot more than you need to.

Instead, follow this Master Plan.

You'll invest a little more initially, but you will make up for it by saving in a big way as you play:

# Step 1: Buy the Silver Lotto System for an 80% win chance improvement. This is the basic step everyone starts with. You need this because it is necessary to run the next two:

# Step 2: Add a LottoPredict subscription to your plan. It's less than $6.60 a month, and LottoPredict tells you which are the best weeks to play. You can save hugely this way by putting your money on "approved" game times. It's an absolute essential:

# Step 3: This is where the real success starts... add PRO Custom Profiles. They consist of four separate sets of numbers. Each set matches a prediction in the LottoPredict chart. So, if this week's LottoPredict shows you that your game is not recommended to play this week, you'll simply be directed to use one of the matching PRO Custom Profiles to play that game. Then you can play, and it boosts your win rate up to 98%.

One of the big advantages of the PRO Custom Profiles is that you can play consistently through the month without having to wait for a green light from LottoPredict.

The result is amazing - it will help you work towards a big improvement in your winning chances.




If you want to start winning the lottery now, then get the world's most effective Lottery System today. Then add the amazing prediction service -LottoPredict to speed up your win rate for just $6.60/month. Get them together here.