LOTTOSHACKS: Bob Hope's $50M Space Age Home Staggers The Imagination

Bob Hope's Palm Springs home. Use it as a lottery wakeup call. Photo

From time to time we need a wishlist wakeup call. So many of us lead ordinary lives, and when we get the chance to change it with a big win, we stick to what we know.

We stay in our own backyard... we buy a big house - but an ordinary one that looks like our own. And we amass a collection of cars. But not expensive brands... just a lot of them.

And very few winners buy a personal super yacht.

So when you see a home that is different to anything else on the planet, it reshapes your thinking.

The late USA comedian Bob Hope was born in England where unusual houses are rare. But that didn't stop him building an extraordinary home in Palm Springs.

It was recently up for sale at around US$50 million. And while few lottery wins are big enough to let you buy it, think of it in another way - the design factor will wow you.

The stunning 1979 mansion - with 22,000 sq ft of living, 6 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms - will change your idea of what's possible in our marvelous world.

Take a look at the pictures, revise your winning wishlist, and get down to the lotto shop for the next draw!

The enormous porthole was said to be used for Bob Hope's stargazing hobby.

The living room has a gigantic boulder in it.

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