READER ASKS: Should I Send Them Money To Get My Lottery Winnings?

“Hey Ken, I got an email telling me I won a lot of money in a lottery game in England. They told me I had to send them fee money to release the winnings to me because there were insurance costs and bank fees. I don't have a spare $1500 to pay them but I'm thinking of borrowing the money from my sister. What do you think?”

I think you should immediately stop anything involved with this proposal and forget it entirely. It is a common scam, and plenty of people are taken in by it.

If you didn't buy a ticket (or even if you did) this is not the way that genuine lotteries conduct business.

A distant relative of ours lost many thousands of dollars to such a scheme recently. Don't be one of the people who have given their hard-earned money to these rip-offs!