BIG JACKPOTS: What 5 Countries Have The Biggest Lottery Prizes... Is Yours Here?

Jim Carrey goes off to Fiji? No lottery there!

If you live in Fiji (Jim Carrey knows where that is, from his film The Truman Show), then your chances of winning the world's biggest jackpot are very slim.

Because Fiji doesn't have a national lotto game.

But here's a list of the 5 countries where your chances of getting up to $1.5 Billion dollars are quite possible:

  1. United States: Powerball, $1.58 billion won in January 2016.
  2. United Kingdom: Euromillions, £161 million (US$260 million) won in July 2011.
  3. Philippines: Grand Lotto, 741 million pesos (US$16.7 million) won in November 2010.
  4. Brazil: Mega-Sena, $195 million Real (US$100 million) won in December 2010.
  5. Australia: OZ Lotto, A$112 million (US$115 million) won in November 2012.

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