The Three Magic Steps To Lottery Winning

Every day my Silverites (Silver Lotto System buyers) email me and ask the same question.

Even though the answer is in the manual and on my websites, these players ask me again and again: "How can I win more often?"

Jeff from Canada wins often. He wrote to tell me:

What's the secret to multiple winnings?

When players contact me asking why they have a low win rate, I ask them how often they play. It's usually:

- Once in a while, or
- Every week but with 5 tickets.

So here it is again in case you missed the page in the website. And it applies to all lotto games too.

The Three Magic Steps to winning more with the Silver Lotto System and PRO Custom Profiles:

1) Play the lotto game that has the smallest number of balls and numbers. This gives you the greatest odds.

2) Use as many tickets from the System as you can afford.

3) Don't play too often with small amounts - play only when you can invest the maximum number of lines in each game. You can play less often - but only if you use more tickets.

How To Start Winning Fast:
Buy the Silver Lotto System - your first step.
2. Get the LottoPredict subscription to know when to play.
3. Get the PRO Custom Profiles to help you get the highest odds from every game.