A String Of $35 Wins So Far - When’s The Big One Coming?

Every win could be the jackpot, like the New Jersey Lottery Powerball $338 million win shown here.


OK Ken, I keep on winning small prizes, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time up to $35, but the last big one was a $1 million jackpot which I missed playing. Am I going to win big again? Or do I need to rip up my Profiles and do some new ones? Joan W.

Great news on your regular wins Joan. That means the system is steadily working for you.

And don't forget that ANY of those minor wins could have been a jackpot or a major prize. This is the fun in playing lotto - I can get you winning often, but the amount... the last 2%... is up to pure luck.

There’s no strategy on trying new numbers when your selection brings up a big winner. Remember your missed win is from only 1 group out of the rest of the numbers you play. You still have a lot left.

If you played 50 lines, there are still 49 left to gain you a winning chance. Up to you.

Are you using the PRO Custom Profiles? This increases your selections from 50 to 200 - it gives a major increase which is a great boost to your winning odds.


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