How I Cheated Death On The Track And Discovered Trust


Cars taking part in a Porsche World Road Show.

From my seat in the open top Porsche I could see the row of cones way down the track. The engine rumbled as I adjusted the steering wheel.

Beside me the instructor buckled up and gave some last minute instructions.

“I want you to floor the pedal,” he said. “By the time you reach the marker cone you’ll be doing about 70mph (110km/hr).”

Then I had to slam on the brakes and make a sharp right angle turn into a space marked by cones in the size of a parking space. I knew it was impossible.

We would be going too fast to possibly turn, and braking before we turned would be a death trap. We would overturn and burst into a ball of fire.

Or we would skid into the cones sideways and damage the side of this pristine new sports car.

But he was the boss, and I was going to follow his instructions.

“Three, two, one, go!” he said, and I immediately slapped the accelerator to the floor. In seconds we were hurtling towards the cones in the distance. In my mind I kept saying to myself I was crazy.

I didn’t blink for fear of losing concentration. The cones rushed at me at a huge speed.

As the marker cone flashed past I hit the brakes harder than anything I had done in any car before.

At the same time I twisted the wheel violently, first right, then left to turn into the parking space.

The tires squealed.

We lurched.

Suddenly there was silence. The engine ticked over quietly.

And I heard applause from the field.

“Excellent, very good!” said my instructor, a guy young enough to be my grandson. He repeated it, saying, “You did this really well.”

I was more amazed at the Porsche’s ability to squeeze into this tiny space at high speed. At that moment I knew that all the talk about this car being a driver’s car was absolutely true.

But it taught me something else.


I trusted my instructor, and the impossible move worked.

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