REVEALED: You And Tiger Woods Have Similar Winning Qualities, Guaranteed

I just read this interesting fact about Tiger Woods a few minutes ago. Did you know you have similarities to him? Read this:

"He's a detail demon down to the tips of his shoelaces. If he rents your house for a tournament, he allegedly has all of your furniture taken out and duplicates of his own brought in, so he feels at home."

So why are you like the world's number one golfer?


Tiger, born Eldrick Woods, is a control freak. And it's a term that some people use without knowing what it really means.

My family call me that too, along with a lot of nice things thank goodness.

But being in control is a good thing. It just means that you want to get the best out of whatever you do. There's no shame in that.

Most winners in any game - including the lottery - show an element of control in their lives.

Do you consider yourself obsessively controlling, like me and Tiger?

Well, you are, and this is how I know...

You use my System. That immediately tells me you are someone who wants to control your life instead of being blown about in the winds of chance.

You want to take back the control that others have over you. You don't want to be told what hours to work, what to wear, how to spend your money.

But a lack of money is holding you back.

So you are using a System that gives you the best winning chance, and which gives you some control over the most random event in the world, besides golf.

Yes, I'm almost sure winning golf is a random event, like the lottery.

If winning a golf game isn't random, why do so many big players win - then lose just as consistently?

Because they are bound by the same rules as the lottery... but they win by the same rules.

Those rules of control are - persistence, frequency and control over the numbers.

It's one of the reasons I named part of my system PRO. Because to win in any game you need a professional approach.

Just like Tiger and every other winner in this world.

The PRO Custom Profiles gives back control over when you play, so that EVERY game now gives your Silver Lotto System the best odds.

It's as essential as a top rated caddy.