The Biggest Hangup Lottery Players Complain About

One of the most used words that lottery players use shouldn't be used at all.

In fact, if you're a pro player, this word shouldn't even be in your vocabulary.

By the way, a pro player is a Silverite... anyone with my system. Because you've indicated that you want to play the lottery at a different level to everyone else.

I'll tell you the 3 ways to know that you're a pro shortly.

The word I'm referring to is 'lost.'

Some players write to me and say that before they won, they lost x dollars.

Sorry guys, that's not the right attitude.

If you have a winner's attitude, you never have a loss. Instead, consider it as an entrance fee.

Because when you play, you're paying to enter the game. Just like going to a baseball or football game, or the opera (which is just another strange game!)

Sometimes you sit in the stands and the players don't show up. Or only a few turn up.

But the fact remains that without paying to get in, you'll never know.

The lottery is exactly the same.

You've got to pay your admission fee, and take the consequences. Your numbers may come up today, or maybe not until next week.

So change your expectations.

Write off the money you use to enter the game and forget about it. Because without the entry fee, you don't even get in the gate.

That's the difference between a pro player and a loser.

And funnily enough, I never hear Silver Lotto System winners complaining that they lost money:


And the 3 ways to tell you're a pro player?

1. You play frequently and on less popular game days.
2. You stick to one game instead of trying many others.
3. You play games with the lowest number of balls and numbers.

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