If You Want Variety In Your Lottery Numbers, Don’t Read Any Further


For a bit of variety, I read the Daily Mail Online website every day. And it constantly amazes me.

Because one week this popular online version of the newspaper, ranked 130 on the net, will be telling you that a lifestyle habit will shorten your life.

In another week it will reveal a story that tells the complete opposite.

Readers often comment on this. “Hey DM (Daily Mail), you said exactly the opposite last week. What do we believe?”

And some are downright scathing... “how much time and money did researchers waste on this uninteresting and worthless story?”

What many readers don't know is that the paper doesn’t have an opinion itself. It is just reporting news and stories as they come in.

Sure, some articles will contradict other points of view. But that's because it is a mishmash of news ready for the reader to decide.

This is not what happens with the Silver Lotto System. There are never two oppposing versions which you have to choose between.

The three parts - the Silver Lotto System, LottoPredict and PRO Custom Profiles - are designed to be used together to produce a powerful increase in your winning odds.

You won’t have to wonder whether one set of numbers is any better than the others... I have fine-tuned the sets to get the best out of your picks.

And by the way, if you wonder why I read the Daily Mail when the website is full of ghoulish and sensationalist stories... some only barely pass for news... it’s to see what everyone’s doing with their lives.

Variety is the spice of life. Except for lottery numbers!