Instead Of Writing A Post Today, I Visited A SuperYacht

At 11am today - the time I normally sit down and craft an article for my newsletter and this Lotto Life blog - I strapped on my Omega Seamaster America's Cup limited edition watch.

It was originally owned by one of our America's Cup crew, so it had a special meaning for me today.

Because I was about to visit a billionaire's boat, a big boat.

Then I jumped in my Mercedes SL500 sportscar and powered down to the city wharves, a 5 minute drive.

The day was perfect, blue sky, light winds, some cloud.

I used the underground carpark nearby, and in a couple of minutes I was standing at the side of the Archimedes.

This 67 meter (about 220 feet)  superyacht was stunning in a deep gloss blue and white superstructure. That's it in my photos above and below.

It's owned by an international investor and hedgefund manager James Simons. But he was nowhere to be seen.

The pics don't really show this gleaming vessel off to its best.

So why did I spend 15 minutes wandering around the dock looking at this enormous, ostentatious display of wealth and privilege?

To get inspired.

The problem with many people who play the lottery is that their enthusiasm drops after a while. Underneath they secretly want the jackpot next week.

We all do, no surprise there.

So to keep going, they need to be reminded of the great ife that awaits them - for even a $100,000 win. We have many winners in that category.

And I'm no different.

So while I don't expect to buy a superyacht anytime soon, just looking at one gives me a great feeling of possibilities.

It tells me anything is possible, with or without the lottery. And it inspires me to do more and be more.

When the next superyacht comes visiting your nearest port, take a look.

It's a different world.