The Life Of This 45 Year-Old Handyman Is Astonishing

Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen owned this $4.8 million Beverly Hills home. A life filled with money is amazing. Photo

There's a handyman in my kitchen fixing our table. Our modern glass and aluminium 12 seater had a small nick in the leg when I bought it a few months back.

So this morning Josh is changing the replacement leg which arrived all the way from Italy.

He was pleasant and unassuming enough as he went about his job.

Then I asked a question about his work, and over the course of our conversation he revealed some amazing details about himself:

- He owns a automobile driving school.
- He flies a hot air balloon in his spare time.
- He fixes furniture because he liked solving problems.

He didn't have to repair our table. He had the freedom to pick and choose.

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